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Servicing Toowoomba and Surrounding Areas.

Need help NOW! Techs usually available in 1-2hrs.

Now available on Saturdays and Sundays - just call 0499 598 611

Standard Fix


Need something simple fixed? For any computer issues that requires no additional hardware or software and can be completed within 45mins, we will charge only the minimum fee.

Virus Removal


Infected with Malware, Ransomware or a Virus? We can remove your infection for you and if need be the laptop can be taken offsite advanced hard drive cleaning.


Offsite Rebuild


Need your computer rebuild from scratch? Sometimes we just need to start again. A new hard drive can be purchased at this time as well to extend the life and speed of your computer.

Pensioner Discount


Ask about our pensioner discounts for all our services. 

Same Issue?


In the unlikely event you continue to have the same issues after one of our techs has visited then contact us within 1 week and we will visit again for free.

Computer Repair

Same Day Service

What is included?

We come to your Home or Business and fix the issue within 1hr and do not need to replace any hardware then we will consider this a standard fix and only change $99.

What is included?

Removal or any virus or malware even if the laptop has to be taken offsite. Only $99

What is included?
Hardware at cost price, installed and configured for your system plus 1hr work time cost.

What is included?
One on one training in front of the computer you want to use. 1-2 hours of showing you the basics on how to use your computer and show you the programs you want to use. Know someone who needs this service - please send them our details.

Need replacement hardware, new custom computer or gaming system, point of sale printers and tills? Just need a new monitor or laptop?

Having issues with networking, setting up email, moving data from computer to computer, printing from your iphone, setting up your printer?

What We Do.

Some Call Us Pc Fixers, Computer Guys, Computer Servicing, IT Management Services, Laptop Fixers but

What We Do Is Numerous; Laptop Screen Repair, Tablet Repair, Laptop Keyboard Repair, Backup Solutions, Computer Rebuild, Upgrading And Repairing Pcs, Pc Troubleshooting, Computer Recovery, Laptop Data Recovery, Hardware Repair, Remote Support Service For Home And Business

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Tablet Repair


Repair issues with your Tablets software, hardware, battery or charging.




Data Recovery


Price is indicative of normal data recovery process where data is easily retrievable with software tools. If the hard drive has additional hardware failures then the hard drive can be sent away to a clean room for recovery.

Computer Repair and Maintenance

Click the titles below to see more information.

Convert network to go through household power and connect directy to fetch.

Setup the new Telstra router for NBN and configure the wireless repeater for access of TV and laptop in the far end of house.

Build network to clients shed and replace install 2 x wireless access points in the shed and in the home so the user could move seamlessly between the two with no dropouts.

The Harddrive (HDD) was dying a painful death. The HDD was removed and replaced with a new drive with 4 times the space with the same version of Windows and Office installed and backup data copied to the new HDD.

Check for Viruses and Malware with ESET virus scan. Cleanup Harddrive, Physical Harddrive Check, Defrag computer and remove old, unused and nuisance programs from PC.

Harddrive tested OK. Reinstalled updated operating system with Microsoft Office 2016 and now the MAC runs as new.


Click the titles below to see more information.

Rebuild failing server with same shares and security access information and swap out the server after hours so the business had no downtime.

Install CISCO UCS blade chassis and blade servers and install base OS for IT to configure.

Backup all data to the cloud and rebuild the server from 2003 to 2012R2 overnight. Configure for remote access, new services, configure new cloud backup solutions and add shares back so computers could access data with no issues in the morning.

Replace mess of different category network cables with CAT6 cables also replaced the networking switch.

Office 365

We support Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium for home users to access Office from up to 5 devices for a fixed yearly fee of $129 and Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium for access from only 1 device for $89. Available for Windows or MAC.

ESET Antivirus

Protect your computers and device from virus and malware using ESET range of Antivirus products. Pricing can be per device on a monthly schedule for business or yearly for business and personal. 

Remote Support Services

Can get into see us or we can't get to see you? Then you can use our remote support services to get you up and running again quickly.

Data Recovery

Computer won't boot? External hard drive won't register on your computer? Let us have a look. One way or another we will get your data off.

Local Service

We have technicians in the Toowoomba area waiting to go to your home or business. We also have extended hours from other businesses starting from as early as 7am and going to as late as 9pm with emergency extended hours.

Money Saving

We won't sell you something expensive, we won't direct you the wrong way. We will suggest different options depending on your budget.

Didn't see your issue mentioned?

We are willing to look at any computer issues whether it is IoT, Control Boards, Security systems - if it has a PCB or Computer we can and will look at it. Call us Geeks or call us Nerds but just call us. :)


Some testimonials....
"There's nothing IT Rick can't sort out. Great service. Great value." - Andrew
"Prompt and efficient solutions" - Lisa
"Rick was excellent. Thank you" - Kerry

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